[thelist] conceptual forward-thinking: is Switchy McLayout something you'll use?

tim tim at hyperlinkage.com
Thu Dec 21 16:19:12 CST 2006

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> just curious if Switchy McLayout is in your future, and why, or why not?
>     http://www.alistapart.com/articles/switchymclayout

The future?  I don't really see anything here that developers haven't 
been trying to do for years, and I thought the trend of hacking layouts 
around based on screen size or user agent was long gone.

I will continue to use flexible layouts for desktop browsers for the 
foreseeable future, as I see far fewer usability problems with that when 
compared to the page content changing when the window is resized.

My main concern is with handheld browsing, as that is scenario in which 
your layout is most likely to break and be totally unusable. 
Unfortunately there are at least a few reasons why this won't work for 
handhelds, the main being lack of Javascript/DOM support.

Of course, the correct way to serve content to these different devices 
is using the various media types in CSS, and support for that is 
improving all the time.



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