[thelist] IE 6 & 7 javascript error: object expected

Lee kowalkowski lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 2 03:49:25 CST 2007

Line 1?  That would be the onsubmit handler itself, therefore, IE
cannot find your isValidEmpChoose function, how are you including it?

FireFox would say "isValidEmpChoose is not defined", but IE just says
"object expected".  Not as intuitive, but Microsoft's script debugger
is pretty useful for finding these errors though.

If instead of the script debugger you are getting by on the little
show details window, always look out for the previous button being
enabled, as the error your looking at may be the result of a previous

I tried your function on IE5.5 and IE6, it worked.  Although your
function doesn't have as many semi-colons as I'd use, so you need to
make sure you definitely have MS carriage-returns there (CR/LF) - or
just always use semi-colons.  Otherwise you may find a previous error
- expected ';' - which would result in the function not being created.


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