[thelist] Whitespace Issue using Nifty Corners Cubed

Taurus James taurus_james at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 12:46:30 CST 2007

Thanks, John.

I don't think the problem is with Nifty either, after looking more into it.  Actually, I'm okay with the stretched DIVs.  I just want to know why only the hidden DIVs are stretched.  Since the JavaScript changes the display property on the fly, I'm still left thinking that this is the culprit.  

I looked at what you said about how the DIVs seem to be stretched to match the background image on the left.  Don't think that's the case but I'm going to try removing the image (CSS) to see if it still occurs.

As for the JavaScript nav issues...You're right.  I'm eventually going to move back to the way it was before - all static pages (no JS nav).  This is somewhat of an "A B test" for the site.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

- Taurus

"Brooking, John" <John.Brooking at sappi.com> wrote: > http://taurusbeats.com/
> The first tab displays fine without a specified height for the div. 
> However, when you click on a nav button (like "BUY"), the other divs
> shown with an excessive amount of whitespace below the content.
> The containing divs don't have specified heights, that's why I think 
> there is a problem with the JavaScript changing the style after the 
> fact.  This is happening in both FF and IE, so I'm hoping it's
> simple I'm missing.
> Anyone have any ideas??

I could be FOS, since I haven't looked at your code in detail, but just
on initial impressions, it looks to me like the DIV's are just
stretching vertically to match the height of the vertical image list on
the left side. I don't have any suggestions for getting around this off
the top of my head, but from a design standpoint, I don't see anything
wrong with how it looks on my screen, although I see what you are

I also would think that the vertical spacing probably doesn't have
anything to do with the corners.

HOWEVER, your mention of JavaScript made me want to try it with
JavaScript turned off, and I found that the navigation does not work
then, due to its reliance on JS. It is often brought up on this list
that a site should not require JS for basic usage, since some clients do
not support it, and its implementation varies. However, it's probably
fine for the vast majority, and I also see the coding attraction of
image-less rounded corners, so it's your call, I'm just sayin...

I also notice I'm getting JS errors ("Object expected") on some of the
internal pages, like Contact, Guestbook, and Links, although they still
appear to work.

Nice looking site, though, overall.

- John

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