[thelist] SOLVED for IE, question raised for FF, NN, O (was RE: IE 6 & 7 javascript error: object expected)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Jan 3 14:33:50 CST 2007

> Line 1?  That would be the onsubmit handler itself, therefore, IE
> cannot find your isValidEmpChoose function, how are you including it?

    <script src="/includes/isValidEmpChoose.js"

oh, look at that; the path should have "/ii" in front of it. no wonder
IE couldn't find it. what a dopey mistake.

> FireFox would say "isValidEmpChoose is not defined"

FireFox, instead, just blew right past it; no error at all. also none
from Opera or Netscape, last two versions of each.

browser config? dunno. odd.

but thanks for pointing my poor brain the right direction, Lee.


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