[thelist] Redemption period for an expired domain

Toby toby at creativefibre.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 17:37:00 CST 2007

Yea totally, google is your friend... 

I have lost a domain after it exited to the redemption period as I was too
stubborn to pay a saving fee of about 100 - 200 pounds... I thought maybe I
could re-register after this period however I learnt that people use
software/scripts to ensure they are the first to register domains coming out
of a redemption period... apparently it is quite a gamble too.

In hindsight I kinda regret loosing it, although I have very strong feelings
against domain squatting and price hiking... of which I would have had to
have done to redeem the money spent... And I was not actively using the

O, and I totally blame Supanames (www.supanames.com) for this happening, a
really bad professional hosting company in my humble opinion - however great
for cheap through-away hosting... perhaps... I don’t know anymore :¬)

Its normally a good idea to pay the saving fee and slap yourself (or the
company that was in charge of it) remembering not to let it happen again.


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Google is your friend.



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> Nice regards for new year!
> I'm looking to adquiring an existing domain .COM  that today entered in
> This domain expired in past 18-nov-2006 bot it's been impossible
registering it under my name.
> Any of you have experience in this process? So, when could I registering
> Thanks again.
> Joan Olivi i Mallafrh
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