[thelist] MySQL data to corp. sites

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 3 18:21:09 CST 2007

Hi, all.

Sorry. It is vague. I have got lots of uncontrollable variables. All items 
are plain text - name, phone, email. I collect the data into a MySQL 
database, sort it by client into MS Access run-time files, and send it to 
them. They can bring the info up and use as a summary when that person calls 
them. But much of the information needs to be stored in corporate SQL 
databases. I have no control over corporate sites.

I developed a system in DOS about 15 years ago. You could define a screen by 
a unique set of characters in a specific location and a unique field by row 
and column. The software would then sense when it was at the correct screen 
and field, read data from the drive, and plug it into that field.

I am looking for that same functionality using Linux, Apache, and PHP (or 
other). If anyone knows of such a thing, it would be a big help.


Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> > I have got a MySQL database that receives information from different 
> > My clients work for 4 or 5 different financial corporations and need to
> > upload some of the data to the main office. They all have web sites that
> > they can use but do not want to enter it manually.
>This is painfully vague --
>How does your DB "receive information" currently?
>This "data" has to get into the computer somehow, so if it's not being
>entered "manually", where's it coming from?
>Hassan Schroeder ------------------------ hassan.schroeder at gmail.com

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