[thelist] [jobs] Yahoo London and Paris are looking for web developers

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 06:59:36 CST 2007

I know some people get sick of hearing about it, but the company that
allows me to live in London luxury is needing 12 more web developers
for the London and Paris office!

You need top notch front-end skills (i.e. very strong HTML, CSS and
JavaScript), good PHP skills, be passionate about web standards, and
want to work with the likes of Drew McLellan, Stuart Colville, Edward
Eliot, Mike Davies, Lawrence Carvalho, Chris Kaminski, Mark Norman
Francis, Steve Webster, Tom Croucher (lots more) and yours truly.

You'll be working as a web developer on probably the biggest web site
out there and have a chance to create a much bigger flagship product
for web standards than any blog or magazine could ever be.

Drop me a line and CVs directly and I'll be in touch.
Chris Heilmann
Book: http://www.beginningjavascript.com
Blog: http://www.wait-till-i.com
Writing: http://icant.co.uk/

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