[thelist] post form to two sources?

ww warren0728 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 14:24:35 CST 2007

i have the ssl setup....i will do some googling....i was hoping there  
was an easy answer.

So it sounds like it has to be a two-part process (and i am not  
really a coder) customer fills out form, hits submit and the form is  
sent to my server (where on server?) and then the server posts to the  
cc company which verifies the transaction and reports that info to  
client and customer.


On Jan 4, 2007, at 2:14 PM, Max Schwanekamp wrote:

> Anthony Baratta wrote:
>> Peter is right.
>> Post to your own server, then use your server to post to the CC  
>> processing company. That way you control the whole interaction.
>>> Can i use two "post" strings for the form or if not what options  
>>> do i
>>> have?
> Google will likely help you find a solution to accomplish this,  
> provided
> you're using one of the more common payment processors.  Countless
> hordes of developers have gone down this road before you.  If you're
> using PHP, you might take a look at PEAR::Payment_Process, or at  
> one of
> the various open source shopping cart apps.
> Keep in mind that you'll want an SSL certificate installed for your  
> server.
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