[thelist] CSS Help? - Resolved Thanks!

Gina Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Sat Jan 6 15:45:01 CST 2007

Thanks guys, I am denting my head no further, at least on this puppy. I have
other bugs to squish, but this one was driving me bonkers.

der wert's code worked out of the box, so I used that. Thanks der wert!

Ben's stab at it almost worked but it interfered with yet another border
class around the images *scratching head*. I probably should have included
that css as well in the first email but I actually didn't think it would be

Rob, thanks for pointing out the bad syntax, I fixed the specific ones you
pointed out, but the whole stylesheet is that way. I wonder why it works
anyway? LOL. I'll fix it up eventually. After I fix the bugs, I may do what
you suggested.

I'm going to try stabbing at the other ones. If I run into hopelessness, I
hope you three will be around. :)

Thanks muchly!!!


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