[thelist] MSXML 5.0

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Mon Jan 8 08:20:07 CST 2007

> Anybody ever heard of MSXML 5.0? A site we designed is being used to
> present an iframe to another related site
> [http://skillsactive.test.textmatters.com/training/management-and- 
> leadership/management-and-leadership-iframe]
> prompts some people using IE to download this. What detrimental effect
> (if any) not having MSXML may have appears to be negligible, but I'm
> curious as to what it is, why it would be needed, and why most people
> don't seem to get this prompt?


I'd guess that users who don't get the prompt either have it  
installed already or aren't using a browser which requires it.  
(Presumably a script is used on the site which chooses which XML  
parser to use according to browser type/version.)

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