[thelist] AlphaImageLoader woes

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 02:58:42 CST 2007

>> On my main navigation DIV, which contains a UL with left-floated LI's,
>> all but the last of the links are unclickable in IE6. If I disable the
>> AlphaImageLoader, no problem, but I don't have the semi-transparent
>> background.
I finally fixed this. Position:relative didn't work, nor did most other 
options. I was just about ready to absolutely position a DIV underneath 
it, using a background color and opacity properties, until I found a 
website stating that this had something to do with the _size_ of the 
background image.

The original image I used was 10x8 px in size. I changed that to 2x2, 
which made a lot more links clickable, but not all. Changing the image 
to 1x1 solved the problem entirely.

I hope this information helps someone else, it took me awhile to find a 
solution. Naturally, if you want an actual image, you'll need a bigger 
image, but if you need a single semi-transparent color, use a 1x1 pixel 


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