[thelist] dedicated link ??????

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 06:40:18 CST 2007

Just to clear this a bit: along the lines what Taurus says, but I think 
it's quite confusing to talk about a "dedicated link" when what really 
is ment is a "dedicated URI". You don't send any links to the 
advertising site, but you send an URI.

If the site where people come to your client's site is called "foo" and 
your client's site is at "http://bar.com", then the "dedicated URI" 
could be http://bar.com/foo/, and you just redirect (or rewrite) that 
URI to where ever you want visitors to land, front page for example.


Taurus James scribeva in 09/01/2007 15:23:
> My first thought is that is that the "dedicated link" is simply
> a link that you identify as the entry point to the site (perhaps
> to a landing page).  When you see this link in your stats
> report, you'll immediately know how many people entered using
> that link.  

> --- Birdie <bird at koolfish.com> wrote:
>> The info they sent me from the advertising site said we need
>> to provide a dedicated link. What the heck is that ? 

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