[thelist] dedicated link ??????

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Wed Jan 10 06:50:40 CST 2007

Thanks, I think I can manage with the web hosts logs for this one.

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Happy New Year, Birdie.

My first thought is that is that the "dedicated link" is simply
a link that you identify as the entry point to the site (perhaps
to a landing page).  When you see this link in your stats
report, you'll immediately know how many people entered using
that link.  

You shouldn't have to create your own statistics system for your
client's requirement.  It's pretty simple from what you wrote.
If you have access to the web logs (check with host), you may
already have access to all the info you need.  Then again, some
hosts don't include all info in the logs.

I use Google Analytics and it works great for me.  

- Taurus

--- Birdie <bird at koolfish.com> wrote:

> Hi All, Happy New Year.
> I have a request from a client who wants to put a link on
> another site and
> then they want to know how many people actually follow that
> link and come to
> their website.
> The info they sent me from the advertising site said we need
> to provide a
> dedicated link. What the heck is that ? I googled and it
> didn't bring up
> anything relevant. Is this a correct term ? Or what should I
> be researching
> to get the job done ?
> Do I just send a normal href link and then use the site stats
> that come with
> the hosting package to see where hits are coming from ( though
> the site
> stats are pretty rubbish) or do I set something up myself ?
> If its too complicated but anyone knows how to set it up then
> please contact
> me off list and I would more than happily outsource it. 
> Thanks
> Birdie
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