[thelist] iframes evil? (was RE: Grabbing a file across domains)

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Wed Jan 10 10:50:08 CST 2007

		   If you have a legitimate need for something other than iframes (accessibility, for example), then you might want to look at either (a) include files or (b) screen scraping, assuming the content comes from somewhere other than your own server.
   Of course either of these will involve getting into the server-side code, at which point your platform will determine how you handle things.


				From: "Joel D Canfield" joel at streamliine.com

> Iframe is IMHO just dirty, unsafe and useless.

prompting my question: we're working on an insurance quoting site for a
new client. the quoting tools (provided by a vendor, who also hosts the
site) are all currently in frames, with the client in control of the
peripheral frames, and the content frame coming from the vendor. these
are forms, probably talking to server side code (I don't know for sure)
and spitting responses back to the visitor.

frames are obviously a usability/accessibility issue; if iframes are
just the first step down the same slippery slope, what's the best
practice for including someone else's pages, in their entirety, within
our pages? 


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