[thelist] iframes evil? (was RE: Grabbing a file across domains)

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Jan 10 19:10:18 CST 2007

> Shouldn't that be the other way around? Get form page, post 
> values back,
> get response page? In any case,

well; yeah; i'm just fighting off a two-year-old who absolutely demands
that I fix her computer NOW NOW NOW!

so, yeah, what you said . . .

> > not sure if this would be an ugly can o'worms or an absolute treat.
> ,, yes :-)
> Depending on if/how any client side validation was implemented, a
> simplistic screen scrape that just discarded everything outside the
> <body> tags could fail in a pretty ugly fashion...


> Personally, I'd say it's time to ask your "quoting tools 
> vendor" to join
> the freakin' 21st Century and simply expose their *processes* as a
> set of Web services -- but that's just me :-)

not my vendor, my prospective client's vendor, who couldn't care less if
I ever get this job, 'cause they're getting their monthly stipend and
aren't likely to see any benefit to helping me

but, I intend to ask ;)

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