[thelist] Grandson of Suckerfish issue in IE6

bj bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Thu Jan 11 08:14:18 CST 2007

Hey Folks,

I'm having trouble getting a grandson of suckerfish menu working in
IE6, though it seems to work fine in the other browsers. Page is
running on testbed here:

css here:

example site with javascript here (which works in IE6 just fine!):

Because of the needs of the dynamic program (ModX) I had to place the
ID on which the javascript relies on a div wrapping the nav, rather
than on the ul, a trick I've used in the past on son of suckerfish
with success. I'm also using two conditional comments to call stuff
in for IE, and have to wonder if I screwed that up somehow, but I
doubt it since the IE6 stylesheet is operative and everything's okay
in IE7. There seems to be some sort of js type error being generated in IE but it
doesn't make sense to me. I have looked at this css line by line and
can't find any significant difference. Xhtml validates (at least it
does on THIS page, no guarantees on the others) and the css is
okay, except the opacity stuff which isn't strictly legal. I tried it
with that opacity stuff turned off. It didn't make a difference. ModX does
call in some other jscripts, I'm wondering if there's a conflict of
some sort, but I'm far from a jscript wizard, so  . . .

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to have to tear this
apart and try other methods, since they're all pretty close to this
one with no guarantees. And the client wants the fancy menus. *sigh*

Ciao for now,
 bj                          mailto:bj at kickasswebdesign.com


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