[thelist] dedicated link ??????

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 11 09:49:00 CST 2007

Birdie asked:

>>The info they sent me from the advertising site said we 
>>need to provide a dedicated link. 

>>What the heck is that ? 

Hi Birdie,

My guess is that it is a link that you don't provide to anyone else.  
IIRC I believe you normally use 'fake' GET parameters to set those up.

E.g. If the link is to koolfish.com you might give the New York 
Times a link of koolfish.com?smellmyfeet=NYTimes and the Washington 
Post a link of koolfish.com?smellmyfeet=WashPost.

The site itself can safely ignore the 'get' parameters - no harm no 
foul ... But (IIRC) you can use these when combing through your log 
files to see how many visitors came to you from each source.

In that way each link can be considered to be "dedicated".



[You could also modify your home page to recognize the get parameters 
and toss those into a db ... but that's more work!]

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