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Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 09:05:51 CST 2007

Hello Steven; good to see your still at it - hows business?

hum, ok to answer your question & im sure others on evolt had the same
thought; well  what it is, is that a site he designed for me for "free",   i
chose not to use, so he put it into his portfolio on a subdomain. it says
its implemented by him but its copyrighted to me.  i certainly never paid to
have it copyrighted. wierd.

it has a contact form (i dont get the messages from it but ive been told it
doesnt actually work, so nothing there to worry about), a domain selling
place (for his registry service, not mine, and presumably that does work), a
list of sites i worked on circa 1998-2001, and a top billing on G for my
trading name. my own site does come top, but if you add a space in between
the two words of  the trading name you get his site.

ok; so, its on a subdomain with my trading name and shouldnt be too hard for
someone to work out where the site is, though, people, not saying that you
would, but for *now*, I would appreciate some discretion over placing the
link or his name in your replies.

i cant stop anyone from mailing him for what ever reason and / or possibly
telling him what a rotter he is but i feel something ought to happen. i
simply cant let the current situation carry on. later on i may actually try
something like the same as he has done and see what happens. i dont think
he'd like seeing his name used by me.

perhaps talking about it so openly on such a big stage but with a small
cover of not mentioning the details is the wrong way to go about it but i
feel i need to vent some long over due steam....

Ive allowed it because I just turned a blind eye & felt it was "too much
trouble" but its starting to annoy me enought to now start doing something
about it.

its just annoying that he is using my name be using it to sell domains
through & that he handles any mail that goes through it. apparently its
known as "passing off".

A predictable non-response from a mail I sent last week, so I've asked a
lawyer to get involved. Hes seen the content & has quoted around 500 for a
letter.  ive been told thats quite high and there are cheaper & even free
ways to get what I want.

Im very doubtful that I could recoup the court & legal fees should he carry
on refusing to remove my trading name & name from his site.

AFAIK, the content is there to show off his designing skills on his
portfolio & to sell a few domains. but he seems to be thinking theres a
close relationship where there is not. i stopped sending him my clients
about 4 or 5 years ago when i realised id let him earn about 2 or 3k without
giving me any thing back.

Any ideas? Do I have any right to ask him to "cease & desist"? i would have
thought the words "copyright alex beston" means that the "alex beston" in
question has control over that statement.

Alex Beston

> I'd need to know more details. What was your relationship? Did you provide
> content for the other guy's site and get compensated for the content? Why
> would he want to retain content that bears your signature, if you two are
> not working together anymore? What kind of content? If it was merely a
> business "acquaintance", what does that mean? Why would content "bear" your
> name, which is highly irregular, most site content is anonymous? Many
> questions come to mind.
> >
> >
> >
> > Im currently in the process of asking a former business acqaintance to
> > remove some content bearing my name & trading name from his site.
> >
> > What sort of problems will I face & do I have any right to ask him to
> > remove
> > it from his server?
> >
> >

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