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Ben Joyce ben.joyce at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 09:29:54 CST 2007

Hi Tim.

Well, I've had a play with MS ACT and I'm getting similar problems as
I experienced with WAPT.

My test consists of logging in to a website and navigating a few
pages, the final page returns data from SQL Server.

Problem is I can never get further than logging in.

To me this reeks of a VIEWSTATE conflict as I saw this with WAPT;
because the recorded test has a hard-coded VIEWSTATE variable in the
second request and subsequent requests, when I try to run this test it
uses the same VIEWSTATE value and ASP.NET spits the dummy.

Tres annoying.

Did you have to do anything special in your tests to get an ASP.NET
website working?

Any help appreciated.


On 1/9/07, Tim Gaunt <info at thesitedoctor.co.uk> wrote:
> >Time?  Tim!
> Ah, I did wonder if that was addressed to me ;)
> >Sorry, by WAPT I meant this tool: http://www.loadtestingtool.com/
> >Although I'll check out the software you mention and see
> >if it does what I need.
> I've not used WAPT, depending on your needs ACT does a fine job of testing
> the sites, it was part of the Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise package. I'm not
> sure if it's available to download
> Tim
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