[thelist] removing content

Lee kowalkowski lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 12 09:56:55 CST 2007

On 12/01/07, Alex Beston <alex.beston at gmail.com> wrote:

Hey, I found your site, and the other one.

> it says its implemented by him but its copyrighted to me.

Cool, if he doesn't have your express permission, he's not allowed to
use your content.

> i certainly never paid to have it copyrighted. wierd.

The beautiful think about Copyright in the UK is that it's free &
automatic.  Not sure if other countries recognise that though.

> AFAIK, the content is there to show off his designing skills

*Snigger* - It's all disjointed on IE6.

> on his
> portfolio & to sell a few domains. but he seems to be thinking theres a
> close relationship where there is not.

That is the definition of passing off, but I didn't get that
impression looking at the portfolio site at face value.  The copyright
statement and link to copyright page is commented out, although the
copyright page still appears in Google's results.

> Any ideas? Do I have any right to ask him to "cease & desist"?

You have that right, but personally, I would focus on building my own
tower than knocking others' down, dunno, which means getting your site
ranked better for the terms you want it ranked.

As the page in question is no longer accessible, surely it's a matter
of time before it disappears from Google too.


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