[thelist] removing content

Alex Beston alex.beston at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 10:17:48 CST 2007

Lee, thanks for your comments.

> As the page in question is no longer accessible, surely it's a matter
> of time before it disappears from Google too.

hmm. nope, 'fraid, not, whough really wishing it was the case. its
still very much there, unless hes playing peek-a-boo.

"> Any ideas? Do I have any right to ask him to "cease & desist"?

You have that right, but personally, I would focus on building my own
tower than knocking others' down, dunno, which means getting your site
ranked better for the terms you want it ranked."

totally. but i think its one of those "principal" things. im not
wanting to knock his big ol' tower down; i may even want to use his
services; but perhaps we're beyond that now; and hey, i suspect theres
loads of people out there that do what he does.

apparently its about 80quid or $120 to trademark a name, so i think i
may go down that route first ( 3-4 months) , and then ask him to
remove the offending material.


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