[thelist] text file creation from user form

Mark Mckee lists at soddengecko.com
Sun Jan 14 12:11:04 CST 2007

HI all.

i need some pointers on a php app that a client has asked me to create. 
previously i created a link manager for him that opens in the first tab 
of his browser, he keeps common and oft used links here. now he has 
asked me to create an input form that will create a text file from the 
data he puts into the form. once the file has been created and the link 
manager refreshed he wants to see a link to that text file for later 

he has asked me specifficaly for a few things.
1. to be able to name the file
2. to be able to choose the extension of the file. .txt .doc .rtf 
(mostly .txt though)

obviously he wants the usual edit and delete functions as well. doing 
all this is easy enoguh using a database, which i have offered to him, 
but the text files will later be used to upload to his site for people 
to browse, so he no longer has to put tons of information into a html 
page or database.

i have zero experience/knowledge of dealing with text files via php, can 
anyone here help shed some light on the situation for me as google is 
not helping much at present or i am missing something

Mark M...

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