[thelist] Learning to use javascript responsibly

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Mon Jan 15 08:28:49 CST 2007

Jens Brueckmann wrote:
> Chris Heilmann, Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax
> http://onlinetools.org/articles/unobtrusivejavascript/
> and
> Peter Paul Koch, ppk on JavaScript
> http://www.quirksmode.org/book/


Cannot express my support of these books enough. They treat javascript 
rationally from a beginner's stance, and have completely sober and 
up-to-date wisdom of the context of javascript.

Both Chris Heilmann and PPK are experts leading the way javascript 
should be used where the standardised community still wavers - they are 
indispensable people.

A third person I would add to the list is Jeremy Keith 
[http://domscripting.com/]. On his blog he really gets his teeth into 
what the model really is and should be about and he's got solid views on 
Ajax, but his book, 'DOM Scripting: Web design with Javascript and the 
Document Object Model', is imperative for people who want to know what 
javascript is all about from the ground up.


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