[thelist] CSS: display: block on links

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Mon Jan 15 09:34:16 CST 2007

On Sun, Jan 14, 2007 at 02:57:33PM -0800, Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> > So, user_link() generates the <a> tag and the user_link() marco
> > doesn't know if it's the only link or not in the <td>.
> So, why is it a problem if the second link is block as well?

There are cases where there are suppose to be multiple links on the
same line, not on separate lines, or links enclosed in other text that
needs to be on the same line.  Display block for all <a> elements is
not an option if that causes the link text to be on a line by itself.

> > You really mean a:link?  Anyway, that would apply the style to all
> > links within the <td>.  I only want to apply it if there's only one
> > <a> within the <td>.
> Why? There was nothing in your original problem description to
> indicate this.

True, I only said the <td> typically only have one link, not that
others might have multiple links -- and sometimes multiple links or
links and text that should display on the same line.

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org

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