[thelist] working with my client's other vendor (was RE: iframes evil? (was RE: Grabbing a file across domains))

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Mon Jan 15 11:07:40 CST 2007

> > Personally, I'd say it's time to ask your "quoting tools 
> > vendor" to join
> > the freakin' 21st Century and simply expose their *processes* as a
> > set of Web services -- but that's just me :-)
> not my vendor, my prospective client's vendor, who couldn't 
> care less if
> I ever get this job, 'cause they're getting their monthly stipend and
> aren't likely to see any benefit to helping me
> but, I intend to ask ;)

and I'll eat my crow fried, if you please

the other vendor was delighted to work with me in any way that was best
for the client, even if it meant they were selling fewer services.

what we've all agreed on is that the vendor will provide their
'mini-API' to me, and the client is delighted that I'll have better
control of the look and feel and function of their online tools, despite
the not-small (but certainly reasonable, IMO) setup fee the vendor will
be charging them.

so, in the end, my negativism was completely wrong, and I get to do this
the easiest way, also the most accessible way.

too cool.


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