[thelist] make a difference - .org or .com

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Mon Jan 15 13:57:46 CST 2007

Steven also suggested to check with an attorney to be sure.  That's the 
way it feels to me, though.  First come first serve commonly dictates 
site registration situations these days (if the common variations are 
even available) - and I find it difficult (not impossible) to believe 
that government is looking for additional paperwork to enforce, i.e. a 
business cannot be a non-profit unless it uses a .org domain.  These 
things are difficult to control, clean up, after the fact.

  Ed McCarroll wrote:
> Some TLD's are tightly controlled by their registrars (e.g. .GOV,
> .EDU), but .COM, .NET, and .ORG are open to whomever is the first to
> register them.  I usually try to secure all three, just to shut out
> any me-too competition.

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