[thelist] Accessibility/usability of "Select Option" at top of list

Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 14:41:41 CST 2007

You've got it Matt.

As Sarah clearly stated earlier, if there is a label (marked up properly of
course), the "Select a Fruit" option (as per your example below) seems
redundant. On the other hand, by having an option preselected (just by the
fact that it is first in the list of options), could create problems if the
visitor neglected to check if it was correct.

On 15/01/07, Matt Warden <mwarden at gmail.com> wrote:
> <select name="foo" id="foo">
> <option value="">Select Fruit</option>
> <option value="apple">Apple</option>
> <option value="orange">Orange</option>
> </select>
> <snip>
> Thus, the two options are:
> 1) List only valid values (i.e., apple, orange)
> 2) List valid values (i.e., apple, orange) and one invalid value
> (i.e., Select Fruit), which is selected by default.
> That is what we are discussing here.

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