[thelist] Screen Resolution, which to design for?

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
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On 2007/01/15 13:40 (GMT-0500) Matt Warden apparently typed:

> On 1/15/07, Felix Miata <mrmazda at ij.net> wrote:

>> The comfort width is something one measures in pt, in, mm or cm, not px.
>> It's why no web layout should depend on px for layout or text sizing.

> If you're saying comfort width *should* be something measured in mm or
> cm, sure. But, my comfort width is determined by what I can and cannot
> fit into my browser window (without scroll) on the sites I typically
> visit. Specifically, it is the smallest width for which this is true.

Of course. But, how do you communicate that size to someone else without
a standard means to measure it? As absolute sizes, pt, mm, cm & in do
that. If you tell me only that your viewport is 800px wide, I have no
idea how big that is, and you have no idea how big 800px is in any
environment outside your own. To convey the meaning of that size in px
requires additional information in order for the recipient to translate
#px to some meaningful physical size. This is why the CSS spec considers
px relative rather than absolute.

> If this is the case in general, then to say "because comfort width is
> measured in cm, etc., web layouts should not depend on px" is sort of
> circular.
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