[thelist] asp.net training

Tim Palac tymartist at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 16 10:09:17 CST 2007

Hey list,I love reading through all your posts but don't post much myself; thanks for the variety of great links and resources so far!  Anyway, I have a question of my own that you guys might be able to help me with...My company has recently decided to train me in ASP.NET - I know some PHP but not much about ASP.NET, so they're looking to send me to an intro course on the subject.  Issue is, a lot of the online training courses just train in "Intro to .NET" (without the ASP).  Does anyone have any good classes, online training, or anything else in which I can learn ASP.NET?  I'd prefer not to learn from leafing through a book, but if you know of any really good ones feel free to drop names too.Thanks for your help!Tim
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