[thelist] Automated Generation & Submission of Google Sitemaps

Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Tue Jan 16 11:54:21 CST 2007


Can anyone recommend a windows program that can be scheduled to generate and
submit XML Sitemaps to Google?  I've played with CoffeeCup Sitemapper which
makes it real easy to schedule, generate, save and upload the XML Sitemap
via FTP but does not appear to automagically inform Google that the content
of the file has changed.

I know Google supplies a Python based solution but this is not ideal for us
for reasons including:

- the command line interface is a little complex to task our admin staff to
deal with
- we have a lot of sites on virtual windows boxes more on virtual linux
boxes and some dedicated linux boxes as well

We have a windows box in the office that is used to run scheduled backup
jobs so it would be ideal if we could install a bit of software on there
that could be configured with a GUI program by the admin staff and left to
update the XML Sitemaps then inform Google that they have changed.

Anyone got any thoughts?



[ apologies if this post appears twice, first one was rejected as I sent it
from the wrong account ]

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