[thelist] Screen Resolution, which to design for?

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Wed Jan 17 09:56:28 CST 2007

Mark Howells wrote:
>> I find myself living in here, where half the population in the city  
>> do not have broadband access, and the average screen resolution  
>> seems to be 800x600
> That validates the point that the intended audience is key: in thise  
> case, a design for small screens would be required. Another website -  
> such as the one which started this discussion - may find a larger  
> "default size" more relevant..

Yes, that has to be it at the end of the day - a sober judgment on the 
target audience(s). And your statement is pretty sobering, Ron.

Must admit that everyone I know has broadband (there are those who have 
no home connection but will use the local libraries or any of the 
several internet caffes around town).

I get a certain amount of frustration from the seemingly non-sensical 
situation of standardisation and progress in universal web technologies 
being matched by an ever growing sensitivity for ever-dwindling legacy 
systems - it seems like spitting in the face of progress, but in fact 
it's essential to remember exactly what the state of affairs is when 
you're in danger of being blinded by the light.

And besides, isn't what I loved about the internet in the first place 
the fact that, contrary to Microsoft's dreams, people shouldn't have to 
keep purchasing state of the art software and hardware to gain 
indefinite access to powerful and useful content?

However, I never promised humanity I would completely future-proof it!


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