[thelist] Screen Resolution, which to design for?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Jan 17 10:10:58 CST 2007

> I get a certain amount of frustration from the seemingly non-sensical 
> situation of standardisation and progress in universal web 
> technologies 
> being matched by an ever growing sensitivity for 
> ever-dwindling legacy 
> systems - it seems like spitting in the face of progress, but in fact 
> it's essential to remember exactly what the state of affairs is when 
> you're in danger of being blinded by the light.

regarding 'ever growing sensitivity for ever-dwindling legacy systems' -
since this conversation began with screen resolution, do you see a
difference between making your site function on a cellphone or PDA vs.
having it work at 640x480? (not arguing, considering your final
statement quoted above)

that, rather than being backward-looking, would strike me as
particularly forward-looking, making a site which, one way or another,
works (I'm not saying 'looks pretty' or 'works easily or exactly as I
intended', though those would be nice, too) at any screen/viewport size

no, I don't do it, but I wish I could. just trying to remind myself that
all this stuff is incredibly new; next year is kinda the 15th
anniversary of the web as most of us know it. Fifteen years into a
society-changing technology is probably pretty early to make sweeping
decisions about 'backward-looking' and 'legacy systems'

I do get philosophical before my second cup o' tea . . .


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