[thelist] Screen Resolution, which to design for?

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Wed Jan 17 10:45:07 CST 2007

> My compromise solution is for Google to offer a search that  
> prioritises
> pages with handheld.css if desired by the user... Or generally, an
> internet-based solution - for handheld (or otherwise limited) browsers
> to use - which would use client-side scripting to identify a site's
> responsible design for such agents based on a checklist of key  
> factors,
> and then offer a preliminary diagnostic along with the ability to  
> allow
> JS (based on the size of the scripts) and CSS (based on presence of
> large metrics, images, etc - specific factors in the code). On second
> thoughts, this is way too much work for already limited client-side
> activity!

Or of course use the media parameter in STYLE definitions, to serve  
different style sheets to different devices, as well as automatically  
filtering mobile devices off by server-side detection if WML needs to  
be served. Google and many other sites already do this to a certain  
extent, where mobile devices are automatically served alternative pages.

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