[thelist] Numbers Just Don't Add Up

Bob Blackman bob at kaboomconsulting.com
Wed Jan 17 12:22:02 CST 2007

Thank you both!

I was able to fix my problem with:

invoiceTotal = eval(invoiceSubtotal) + eval(invoiceShipping) +

Thaks again, Bob

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On 17/01/07, Bob Blackman <bob at kaboomconsulting.com> wrote:
> I get the evaluation of
> invoiceTotal = invoiceSubtotal + invoiceShipping + invoiceCOD
> Displays 10010.
> I have been looking for a method to cast the values as numbers but 
> haven't come across anything.

It doesn't matter how you initialise a variable in JS, a variable will
be the type of it's last assignment.  Referencing formField.value brings
strings into the mix.

var number = new Number(string);

Is the best way to cast.


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