[thelist] productivity tip: tagging

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Wed Jan 17 12:25:23 CST 2007

> <tip author="Volkan Ozcelik" type="productivity">
> Ever heard of the concept of tagging? I bet you do.
> Have you ever tried to use tags instead of folders for your files on your
> computer?
> tag2find is an excellent (and free) tool that does that for you:
> vendor:
> http://www.tag2find.com
> a detailed blog post on why to use tags for categorizing large number of
> files:
> "who needs folders anyway"
> http://www.volkanozcelik.com/cre8/blog/2007/01/who-needs-folders-anyway.html
> </tip>
> Cheers,

XML as a file system, says I. It sounds dangerous, but that's just the 
fear of losing our old familiar lifeboat.

A while back I read this blog post on 'web 3.0'... Their terminology was 
bloody awful (what they were talking about was not necessarily a web 
technology nor was it in any way related to web 1.0 or web 2.0 as 
definitions), but this was the kind of thing they were clumsily 
suggesting... Essentially a more intelligent and human-natural way of 
allocating files. Increasingly we have not just fresh computer users 
born into the world of Google and primitive keyword-tagging, but also 
weathered dinosaurs defining file locations in their mind (and in their 
access methods) by metadata.

This metadata is by all rights far more important to the definition of 
the file, but as we implement it currently is still seen as a cop-out of 
'proper' location by navigating static linear trees for level upon 
level. This 'metadata' is by all rights a successor...

I don't have Vista so I can't test the practice of this implementation, 
but I'm subscribing to your blog. I look forward to your results!


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