[thelist] Youtube Style Player for WMV & ASX

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Wed Jan 17 14:18:47 CST 2007

Beach Computers Web Hosting wrote:
>  Is there such a thing as a youtube style flash player that can play WMV
> and/or asx files?
> A free one perhaps?

Not yet, but it looks like Microsoft is trying to duplicate this 
functionality. The first generation of in-browser video always added the 
interface "chrome" from Real, Apple or Microsoft... one of the reasons 
Flash Video took off, aside from the lowered support costs for 
configuring the audience, was that it was chromeless... would simply add 
video to the HTML page, and you could choose/create what type of 
playback controls to expose.

The Microsoft "WPF/e" plugin, now in first beta, seems to be mostly 
about duplicating this chromeless approach for Windows Media, with 
rights-management if you use the Microsoft video server technology. I 
don't know what its eventual consumer adoption might be.


PS: I haven't been able to successfully post to this list for awhile... 
messages keep getting returned. If it happens again with this message 
then you won't be able to read this, though.... ;-)

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