[thelist] Multiple IE's: 6 and 7

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 08:24:08 CST 2007

Andrew Peace scribeva in 17/01/2007 23:34:
> Peter-Paul Koch has a great article at quirksmode.org on how to install
> multiple versions of IE on Windows (for browser compatibility testing).

Just reminding that it's not necessarily a good idea: e.g. if you have 
installed IE7, then your IE6 may or may not work as normal IE6 install. 
So you test, but have no guarantees that your tests give meaningful 
results... Read for instance this: 

The best way to test with multiple IE versions is to use some virtual 
machine software, like VMWare, Parallels, or the free of charge option 
MS's own VPC. Of course you can run other OSes like Linux in a virtual 
machine too.


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