[thelist] Optimizing MySQL

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Thu Jan 18 18:29:30 CST 2007

Hello all,

We have a site based on a LAMP box (Red Hat 9, Apache 1.3, MySQL 4.1, 
PHP 5).  MySQL is hammering the machine, eating 60-80% of the 1GB of 
RAM.  To buy some time, we threw in another 1GB of RAM, but we know that 
ultimately that the problem is the code--/my/ code--with non-efficient 
queries and perhaps poorly-designed queries.  We plan to upgrade to 
MySQL 5 within a matter of days, but I don't expect it to make a huge 
difference in the memory consumption.

So my question is, what single resource (book or site) would you 
recommend to me to get more better versed in optimizing MySQL and 
queries to it?  Preferably with a focus on web applications for 
small-to-medium businesses.  The shorter and more concise, the better.  
I'm not eager to spend a week digesting a 900pp Wrox tome, if at all 
possible.  But, quality is the highest criterion.


Max Schwanekamp

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