[thelist] PHP Reporting Framework?

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Sun Jan 21 14:53:33 CST 2007

Hi, e-volters,

I'm doing some PHP/MySQL database work for a freelance client, and we
want to start doing some reporting. The client is a non-profit hosted by
a general ISP, so we want to keep both the cost and the installation
effort down. Since we already have PHP, an open-source solution in that
language would be ideal, although really anything with low cost and
installation overhead that can talk to MySQL would probably work too.

I've started a generic reporting framework in PHP, but it occurs to me
that there must be something similar out there already. However, I can't
seem to find the right Google keywords to find any. I also can't find
anything at pear.php.net.

Graphs are not a requirement (yet, although it would be nice to be able
to offer that). I've already got a home-brewed class that supports basic
parameters, but as I think about bells and whistles like subtotalling
and drill-down, I'm thinking that's a lot of wheel to reinvent. Any
suggestions? Thanks in advance!

- John

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