[thelist] freelance/contract work

christmasfruitcake at gmail.com christmasfruitcake at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 08:27:33 CST 2007

Dont worry this is web related.  :)

I am looking for an IA/UI designer/expert/consultant to help me with
completely redoing a site that is LONG over due for an implosion.  We are
interested in designs first, however the more you can do the more we can
offer.  I've given up on Guru being able to supply the talent as I tend to
see mostly people selling cookie cutter site templates.

If you are interested please contact me off-list, I promise there will be
lots more information about the job I wont expect you to go off that small

<tip type="ODBC Connection to AS400">
If you need to see more then one library, like for table join or just for
ease of use.
When you setup an ODBC connection in Windows specify under the Catalog tab,
in the OS/400 view that you would like to see "All libraries on the system"

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