[thelist] Taking screen shots from SWF files

Matt McKeon matt at camadro.com
Mon Jan 22 14:27:47 CST 2007

Hey all,

I'm messing around with PHP4, Flash, and image manipulations on Linux. 
There is a lot more out there then I thought! But I'm failing to find 
any information on getting a "screen shot" from a SWF file. One can 
easily get it from a FLA file using ffmpeg, but not SWF's.

I've been doing some searching but not getting any usable results. As I 
mentioned I'm try to do this through PHP. Does anyone have any 
experience/thoughts on this? I think it can be done, I mean how does 
YouTube, Google Video, etc get those thumbnails from the movies that 
users upload? (assuming they upload a .swf)

I don't really want to decompile a .swf and then use the resulting .fla 
to get a screen shot, it just seems that would be too much work. So any 
help would be great!


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