[thelist] Taking screen shots from SWF files

Matt McKeon matt at camadro.com
Mon Jan 22 15:01:22 CST 2007

John Dowdell wrote:
> An actual screenshot is pretty simple... depends on your operating system.
> But from your mention of "PHP" I'm guessing that you may not actually 
> have a screen, and are asking "What type of PHP routine can parse a SWF 
> file and construct a bitmap representing the screen display at some 
> indeterminate point in time?"
> If I guessed the question right then I'm not conversant enough with PHP 
> libraries to suggest a path, but did I understand the question correctly 
> here....?
> jd
Yes, you did understand the question correctly. Perhaps I should have 
mentioned using the command line, as opposed to a GUI. I'm not looking 
for something specific to PHP, but something using the linux command 
line. I could then bring that into my PHP script. I am just curious if 
this is actually possible.

A scenario I'm considering:
 User uploads a Flash SWF file
 PHP script takes a 1 frame "screen shoot" of it
 Stores that in DB along with the movie information provided by the user.

Hopefully, that clears it up and sparks some ideas.

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