[thelist] Top 10 reasons to make your page accessible...

Austin Harris austin at dotmail.co.uk
Tue Jan 23 04:05:02 CST 2007

Morning all,

I have a presentation to do! (As a contract developer this is fairly unusual...)

I can happily rant away all day about this stuff but talking about it a succinct way is not my forte!

Pointers, links and opinions etc are very much appreciated.

The idea being that sales and the SEO people know why building accessible sites should be built.

Then sales can go and flog it and SEO won't bugger up the code :)

Points I can think of;

More people can use the site = more sales = more money
(Some of the sites we are rebuilding don't work on Firefox let alone Mac etc.)

They won't get sued, (not sure how likely it is...)

A clean & leanly coded site will get better search results

Easier to update

It shows that the big man cares about the disadvantaged little people???

I was also going to let them know about all the W3C WAI stuff as well, (only touching on what each term means.)

Any other points that should be raised?

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