[thelist] emailing a SBS mail exchange through a web form

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Jan 23 07:31:17 CST 2007

I think this may all be a bit unnecessary...

CDONTS only supports creating a text file and dropping it into the local
"pickup" directory of the MS SMTP server.

If you use any other component (e.g. CDOSYS which comes from Microsoft) or a
3rd party component (e.g ASPMail, JMail or whatever GoDaddy offers you), you
can connect to any arbitrary SMTP server to send mail (subject to any
authentication requirements that the SMTP server has).

So, change over to using CDOSYS (or whatever GoDaddy offers you), and write
some code to connect to the SBS server's SMTP server. That way you can
deliver mail directly to Exchange, just like any other SMTP client/server out
there on the 'net.


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I would put something in the script that checks the referrer as well, that
way only your form(s) can use the send function. (Learnt from bitter
experience of someone hitting a send script on a site with a ton of spam.)

Very simple to set up as well.


On Monday 22 January 2007 19:28, Bob Boisvert wrote:
> ............
> Is there a way to submit the information filled out in the web form to the
> client's mail server and bypass any actions with Godaddy?
> >From my research if I have searched properly, doesn't the form need to
> reside on the client's mail server and I could just link to it?

You can have your script that handles the contents of the POST of the form 
contents on another server, just modify where it ends up:

<form action="http://otherdomain.com/contact_script.php" method="post" 




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