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Adam Audette pubs at audettemedia.com
Tue Jan 23 11:28:02 CST 2007

At 10:50 AM 1/23/2007 -0600, Steven Streight wrote:
>Does Google Analytics do a path analysis of posts/pages viewed?
>It would be good to know content paths that end in shopping carts 
>fills and
>product orders on an ecommerce site. Then one  could expedite 
>the  flow of
>information, make the well trod paths easier to navigate, more 
>clustered, page combinatories, etc.

There are 2 tools in Google Analytics you can use for this. What 
they call "Conversion Goals" and "Content Drilldown."

The "Content Drilldown" tool shows page popularity that can tie 
into conversion analysis. So you can find out uniques / pageviews 
on a specific content item, avg time spent, frequency of leaving 
after visiting that page, and an $index rating that shows pages 
commonly visited before conversions in the same visit.

You can also drilldown through directories this way, and using the 
conversion tool create (limited) funnel processes.

Conversion tracking works well for monitoring subscriptions (and is 
excellent for ecommerce like you note - but they even have another 
component specifically for ecommerce sites). I like to use it for 
my sites to see how well pages convert new subscribers.

At 10:50 AM 1/23/2007 -0600, Luther, Ron wrote:
>I think there is another need for 'individual' statistics
>when doing what I guess could be called "path analysis".
>It's nice to know that 50% of your visitors saw Page 1
>and 65% saw Page 2 ... But it can be a lot more interesting
>to know that 35% of your visitors followed path "Page 1 ->
>Page 5 -> Page 17" while 62% of your visitors followed path
>"Page 1 -> Page 8 -> Page 32". [1]

Exactly - great point. That's what I was trying to describe above 
and Steven's question as well. Google's tool is definitely 
worthwhile for this - and you can't beat the price. :)


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