[thelist] tracking email

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Jan 23 12:20:42 CST 2007

A potential client wants the ability to keep an archive of email 
communcations between his consultant/contractors and clients (for 
instance status on jobs, estimates, agreements, etc.)  The webserver 
will be a common hosting situation which of course includes unlimited 
email accounts, webmail, etc.

Some/many hosting companies have the email set up so that you can 'save' 
a copy on the server.  Some will allow you to forward to multiple 
accounts.  This can possibly work for email that is sent 'to' a worker 
bee.  'Compelling' the worker bee to use the webmail program may even 
work for capturing sent email

If one of his folks configures their email for a local email utility 
(Outlook, Thunderbird, etc), it is a little complicated to monitor 
actions on sending email. It sounds like a process/protocol thing.  Of 
course there is alway the alternative of creating a form/tracking system 
that stores communication in a db, but this sounds a bit much. 

Simpler ideas?

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