[thelist] Snap Preview Anywhere (was RE: problems with S5 slideshow)

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Jan 24 13:16:57 CST 2007

> Yeah, thought of that, but not the right way: just realized the Chris
> Heilmann sent something (Volkan? was it you, Volkan?) anyway, a groovy
> popup preview feature that just might do the trick.
> Probably the answer there, if I can make it work.

it was Volkan, and it was Snap Preview Anywhere - but the previews are
the same size as my thumbnails :(

according to Snap's customer service (who answered my question in *under
five minutes*) there are plans to include support for
multiple/configurable preview sizes 'soon' (with a clear disclaimer that
he didn't know what that really meant.)

so, in the meantime, maybe I'll roll my own, if I can figure it out.


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