[thelist] Migrating from Photoshop to Fireworks

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Thu Jan 25 10:40:04 CST 2007

> I agree with you, if you hire someone that KNOWS Photoshop, and you
> use Fireworks, buy photoshop for him.  Also why hire someone that knows
> Photoshop, and not fireworks, when that is what you use to design your
> site with??

This sounds like a pretty closed-minded attitude to me - I bet Nick's
employer would have had much slimmer pickings when hiring if they'd
insisted their designer had to be proficient in Fireworks. I could see
if you were talking about Java vs classic ASP or something along those
lines, but Photoshop and Fireworks are similar enough that someone who
is comfortable with Photoshop probably wouldn't have any trouble getting
on to Fireworks - the basic tools of image editing are still the same.
In fact, a lot of designers would welcome the chance to learn something new.

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