[thelist] Flash Issue

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Thu Jan 25 16:11:35 CST 2007

Hershel Robinson wrote:
> The owner of this site: http://medeagrp.com/
> says that in IE (not sure version #) on Win XP, the Flash on the home 
> page only runs when she gets to the home page by clicking on the logo 
> from another page. When she visits the page by entering the URL in her 
> browser, it fails to run.
> For me on Win XP IE7 and Win 2K IE6 I do NOT see this issue.

Uhm.... when I visit these two URLs, in Firefox 1.5x/WinXP, I see two 
different sets of markup:


The first one has OBJECT/EMBED tags for a SWF, the second does not.

I'm not sure how such a situation came about, but what I see when I look 
at the markup for the two addresses seems to reveal the key issue...?


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