[thelist] creating a small site

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Thu Jan 25 18:50:05 CST 2007

> how do people decide when to switch on the 
> database, as opposed 
> to just a folder full of files?

as a confirmed database guy, if I have access to a db, I use it. 

but, if it's going to cost extra for access to a database, server side
scripting opens up all kinds of possibilities for auto-generation of
content based on directory contents and structure, etc., such as you
referred to.

sometimes a database *is* overkill. I still occasionally use a text file
(or even a text string!) to store and read trivial data, even when a db
is available.

for me, the dividing line is, what's more efficient in the long run?
since you'll apparently be coding it, you get to decide that yourself.
h'ray for trevor!


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